About Us

Stonehaven is 150 condominium homes on 22 developed acres surrounded by another 44 acres of open space.  It is  considered one of the finest and most beautiful private communities in San Diego.

Our Association is governed by five (5) board members elected to office by the members of the community.  Each board member serves a two-year term, voted in at the Annual Meeting.  Please see the meeting schedule on the "Calendar" page. 


Stonehaven Board of Directors 

  • President - Brian Earley
  • Vice President - David Clutts
  • Secretary - Christopher Ball
  • Treasurer - Alvin B. Shapiro
  • Director at Large - Greg Baker

Stonehaven Association homes in San Diego, CA 92117

  • 2905-3049 Caminito Niquel
  • 4404-4495 Caminito Cuarzo
  • 4405-4420 Caminito Plomada
  • 4404-4526 Caminito Cristalino
  • 3003-3045 Caminito Arenoso
  • 4406-4528 Caminito Pedernal

Sneak a peek below at the beautiful community amenities available to Stonehaven residents. 

2 Private Lakes
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We have two private lakes surrounded by walking trails and lush mature landscape.

Pool and Spa
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Members have access to our crystal clear, solar-heated pool and spa.

Tennis and Racquetball Courts
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Members have access to our tennis and racquetball courts.

Tot Lots
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There are two areas available for small children to play.